Live and work in Stehekin – the  “Little Alaska”

If you aspire to live in a remote location surrounded by wilderness, check us out!

Stehekin harbors a great little community, a wonderful k-8 school and all the feel of an Alaskan escape.

Our Company & Opportunities

We are a young company operating a brand new 77 passenger vessel called the Stehekin Clipper.  It is a 60’ composite catamaran that plies the waters of Lake Chelan. 

We have the equivalent of two positions open which will be a combination of management, piloting and deckhand work.  Which combinations will depend upon the applicants.  The combined wages/salary for these positions will be around $100k annually.

We grew up in this valley and know what a wonderful place it is to live and raise a family.

For the right person or couple we are offering year-round employment with good pay and housing options available – this is a fantastic and rare opportunity for our community.

The Perfect Fit for You?

We love where we live and work, and hope it excites you too. What do you think, does what we have check your boxes?

  • Wilderness Location
  • Friendly Community
  • One Room School Experience for Kids
  • Year-Round, Full-Time Employment
  • Competitive Pay and Available Housing

If this sounds like a great opportunity, read the job descriptions below and send us your resume. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Job Descriptions & How to Apply

To apply for a job with the Stehekin Ferry, please send your resume to: [email protected]


Year-round Position
Pay: $25/hour
Hours: 30 hours/week in the off season, 35+ hours/week in the summer
Description: This position is entry-level. The deckhand is responsible for tying and untying the lines during docking and departure. They are also the equivalent of a flight attendant – being responsible for checking in passengers, adding walk-on passengers and taking payments, doing a safety talk, and taking care of passenger needs. We have a small snack bar that the deckhand is responsible for keeping stocked. He/she will need to make coffee prior to departure, and as needed  in route. This person is also responsible for cleaning the boat at the end of the day and as needed during their shift. They will assist the captain in loading and unloading freight/luggage. Other chores may be assigned by captain as appropriate.



Year-Round Position
Pay: $40+/hour. Can be negotiated as a salaried position if combined with Manager/Maintenance Position
Hours: Currently only have 2 days a week available for this position. Can be combined with another position to get full-time work.
Description: The captain is required to have a valid captain’s license for a 40-ton vessel or better and will have to demonstrate proficiency with handling our 60′ vessel. The captain is responsible for safely piloting the vessel, and is ultimately responsible for the safety of the passengers on board. Will assist the deckhand with loading/unloading freight/luggage. He/she will also be responsible for conducting basic inspections of the vessel’s systems and will fill/drain the tanks on the vessel as needed, including fuel, water, and septic. 


Year-Round Position
Pay: DOE
Hours: Variable. Ideally this position would be combined with the Captain position, with the combined hours averaging 35-40 hours/week.
Description: Responsible for keeping the overall company up and running at it’s best.

On the maintenance end, this person would be responsible for general maintenance such as servicing engines, as well as taking care of any repair needs that come up. Twice a year, we take the vessels offline for 5 days to address any major repairs or servicing that they may require. This person would take the lead on these projects.  

On the manager side of things, this person would be responsible for advertising, reservation systems (not taking reservations, just making sure the system is maintained and updated properly), working with and maintaining good relations with government agencies (WA state UTC, National Park Service, National Forest Service), pricing, human resources, etc.