Holden Village & Lucerne

Lucerne Landing is where you get off the boat when visiting Holden Village – a retreat operated by the Luthern Church. But that’s not all – there are also campgrounds and hiking trails in and around Lucerne. Managed by the Forest Service, this area is full of treasures to explore!

Holden Village

Over the course of 50 years, Holden Village has been transformed from a copper mining town to a vibrant place of education, programming, and worship.

No roads lead to Holden Village, which makes the journey itself exceptional. The isolation of the Village creates room for a unique way of life at Holden.

As a “place apart,” Holden inspires rhythms of living that vary with the seasons. Summer offers a diverse program menu from learning sessions by visiting faculty to art courses and family programs. Other seasons offer their own rhythms, providing time for personal reflection, outdoor recreation, exploration of our art and craft studios, and good conversation.

For more information, visit the Holden Village Website.


Perhaps most well known as the place to get off the boat when going to Holden Village, there is actually much more to be discovered in Lucerne.

There are several lakeside campgrounds, as well as hiking trails mountain vistas and hidden lakes. This area is managed by the US Forest Serivce as part of the Chelan Ranger District.


For more information about trails and campgrounds, visit the US Forest Service Website.