Prince Creek Campground

Step into a world of wonder – Prince Creek is the starting point for the popular Lakeshore Trail, in addition to being a top notch lakeside campground. It also provides access to the Summit Trail, which boasts spectacular views.

Begin your next adventure at Prince Creek:

Hikers delight in hitching a ride with us to this popular destination. The possibilities abound. The easiest hike is along the Lakeshore Trail – which continues from here 17 miles, terminating in the mountain community of Stehekin.

There is also much exploring to be had right here in this drainage. By following the Prince Creek Wilderness Trail, you can head uphill towards the Summit Trail and on to several lakes including Cub Lake, Surprise Lake, and Bernice Lake. The vistas along the trail are amazing as well!

For more information about trails and campgrounds in the Prince Creek area, visit the US Forest Service website.