Stehekin Ferry FAQs

Getting to the Dock

Where do I park my car?

You can park at Field’s Point Landing. This is where the Stehekin Ferry will dock to pick you up. There is a large gated parking lot which is also manned during the day.

Visit the website for more information about Field’s Point.

How early should I arrive at Field's Point?

You should plan to arrive at Field’s Point at least 30-40 minutes prior to the scheduled ferry departure time. You need to give yourself enough time to take your luggage to the dock, park your car and purchase a parking pass before getting on the boat.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Yes, there is a small nightly fee for parking at Field’s Point.

What is the best route to Field's Point?

As you can imagine this depends where you are coming from. The good news is, you can plug “Field’s Point Landing” into your phone and get good directions, but here is some general route info:

Many folks come from the Seattle area or come into Seattle/Tacoma Airport. The best choice from there is to drive over Snoqualamie Pass on US 90, and then over Blewett Pass on SR 97.

If you are coming from areas North of Seattle, Stevens Pass on US 2 is your best option.

With both of these options, once you get to Wenatchee, head north on 97A, and take the turnoff for Field’s Point Landing.

If you want a scenic route, then by all means travel the Methow Valley and Hwy 20 for one leg of your journey.

Northern Routes and options can be researched at


Do I need to buy my tickets in advance?

Due to the small size of this vessel (32 passengers), we highly recommend buying your tickets in advance to ensure you are able to board. We will sell you a ticket at the dock if we have space.

Do you offer a commuter rate?

Yes! If you travel with us often, you can receive 10% off by using our Commuter Tickets.

If I want to use my commuter tickets, how to I reserve space on the Stehekin Ferry for a specific date?

When you purchase Commuter Tickets, you will receive a voucher code. Keep track of this!! To purchase tickets for a specific date, you will make a reservation just like normal (either online or by calling our reservation office.) When you get to the payment page, click the button to enter a promo code/voucher. Enter your voucher number to use your commuter tickets as payment for the trip.

If you have lost your voucher number, please contact our reservation office directly at 509-669-5045 so that we can look it up for you and take care of your reservation.

How do I request a stop at Lucerne or Prince Creek?

When making your reservation online, you will have the option to select your pick-up and drop-off points.

If you do not have a reservation yet, you can make one online from our website.

Otherwise, you can contact our reservation office directly (509-669-5045) to arrange for a pick-up at one of our on demand stops.

Please make your arrangements before 9am on the day of travel to ensure we know to pick you up. We’d hate to miss you!

How do I arrange for a pick-up at a non-scheduled flag-stop?

We highly recommend that you contact our  reservation office directly (509-669-5045) to arrange for a pick-up at an unscheduled flag-stop.

You may use the online reservation system to choose flag-stops, but unless you are a regular customer and we have made this stop for you before, it is a good idea to confirm your plans with our office to ensure that we are able to stop at your location.

Please make your arrangements before 9am on the day of travel to ensure we know to pick you up. We’d hate to miss you!

Are pets allowed?

Yep! You can travel with your pet, but keep the following in mind.

We do charge a fee for pets. See our policies page for current pricing.

You will need to bring a kennel/cage for your pet, which you are able to carry aboard yourself.

Pets (and one attending owner) are required to ride on the back deck.

Due to limited space, we only allow 4 pets at a time to ride the boat. Make your reservations early to ensure we have room for your pet.


How much luggage can I bring?

Each adult or child may have 75 lbs of luggage for free.

Additional baggage will be charged for at a rate of $0.25 per lb. 

We have limited space for stowing freight. Especially during the busy summer season, both the crew and your fellow passengers will appreciate it if you keep your freight quantities to a reasonable amount. Thanks!!

We do not have a per item charge.

You may also bring 1 carry on item which is small enough to fit under a standard airline seat.

Please keep in mind that we hand load all luggage on and off the boat. Tidy containers (plastic totes with lids, coolers, or airline appropriate luggage are ideal) which are 50lbs or less are the best for loading and stacking purposes.

Are there special guidelines on how to pack?

We certainly do have some thoughts on what will make traveling on our boat easier.

The easier your luggage is to stack, the less likely you are to end up with damaged or missing items. Plastic totes with lids or coolers are a great way to pack. Suitcases designed for airlines are also a great option.

While you are allowed 75 lbs for free, we do recommend splitting that into multiple containers. No one wants to handle that much weight all at once, and you will be responsible for getting it from your car to the dock yourself. Don’t kill yourself – split the load.

Things to avoid:

*Danglers – Please avoid the temptation to just tie your boots to the outside of your pack. Not only does this make for an awkward item, it also is possible for them to get accidentally snagged and ripped off, or even fall into the lake. Please keep all of your belongings inside a sealed container.

*Open Containers/Grocery Bags – We do have to hand all of the freight items across a body of water to get them from the dock to the boat and then back off at your final destination. Open containers are begging to have something fall out of them in the middle of that process. We also have limited space to store freight, necessitating stacking. The ever popular grocery bag is a stacking nightmare. Couple that with the spillability factor – avoid the temptation. Put your groceries in a plastic tote or cooler and save yourself a headache!

Can I bring my firearms onboard?

Yes. Your firearms must be in a protective case. You will need to give your firearms directly to the captain for safe storage during the trip.

Can I bring recreational equipment onboard?

Yes. You can bring a kayak or bicycle with you. We do charge an extra freight fee for these items. We also have limited space, and thus limit the number of bikes and kayaks allowed at one time. Please reserve your tickets early to ensure we have room for your equipment.

If you have other types of equipment, please contact us directly to determine if we can accommodate your needs.

On the Ferry

Is there a bathroom onboard?

Definitely Yes!

Is there food available on the boat?

There is a small snack bar with complimentary drinks, and a small assortment of snacks on a donation basis. Alcoholic beverages are not available.

Is the ferry wheelchair accessable?

Passengers requiring a wheelchair can board or depart the vessel at Fields Point, Lucerne and Stehekin. Maximum width is 30”.

Wheelchairs can be dropped off at private docks by prearrangement. Backcountry Travels LLC accepts no liability for any passenger before or after boarding the vessel.

All passengers are urged to know their own limitations.